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29 Oct 2010 | Power & Cooling

Building the Data Center of the Future: Switch Communications

Are you wondering what the data center of the future will look like? Switch Communications already knows. Switch is breaking new ground with a 407,000 square foot co-location facility designed to handle super-high densities of up to 1,50...

22 Oct 2010 | Networks & Telco

Understanding data centre efficiencies

Allaster Finke, Glasshouse Technologies, explains how, when it comes to streamlinging operations and eliminating unnecessary expenditure in the data centre, the simplest solutions can be the best.

26 Aug 2010 | Hosting & Colocation

Black Building test 2010

The Black Building test is carried out annually to ensure the proper backup of Telstra data centres' electrical infrastructure and to maintain the correct switch gear.

16 Jul 2010 | Power & Cooling

Data Center Power Environmental Monitoring and Energy Reporting

Data centre power environmental monitoring and energy reporting

16 Jul 2010 | Applications

Unified Access To The Entire IT Infrastructure

Data centre power environmental monitoring and energy reporting

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19 Aug 2011 | Green Tech

Peer 1 Hosting and Excool partner

Peer 1 Hosting's Amanda Dunn and Excool's Mark Collins explain how the data centre operator has implemented innovative cooling technology as part of the UK's greenest data centre facility.

28 Feb 2011 | Green Tech

Carbon regulation - what's the real impact?

Getting the most out of your energy in the data centre with Joe Polastre, Co-founder and CTO at Sentilla.

7 Oct 2010 | Hosting & Colocation

How can we go green in the data centre?

Franek Sodzawiczny, Development Director and Partner at Sentrum, asks do we want to go green in the data centre and, if so, for what reasons?

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