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Servers are hardware that host applications and accesses data for end users (generally from the storage hardware). With the advent of virtualisation, the efficiency of servers has increased greatly, allowing multiple applications to be hosted on one server. Blade servers allows much higher server density within the data centre, while energy efficiency is also becoming an important part of server design. Operating systems (OSs) are sets of system software programs that regulate how applications use computer hardware and how users control the computer.

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3 Oct 2011 | The Cloud

29 Sep 2011 | Servers

29 Sep 2011 | Design & Facilities Management

28 Sep 2011 | Servers

27 Sep 2011 | Storage Networking

23 Sep 2011 | Servers

21 Sep 2011 | Servers

19 Sep 2011 | Servers

19 Sep 2011 | Power & Cooling

16 Sep 2011 | Servers

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8 May 2012 | Applications

Dell Energy Smart Rack

The Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart containment rack enclosure is designed to provide even distribution of airflow to all equipment installed in the rack. The Energy Smart rack can be used in data centers that utilize a raised floor to deliver air to reduce capital and operating costs and improve cooling effectiveness and efficiency.

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  • Arriving At Tier IV

    How customer requirements played a major role in the specification of Europe’s first Uptime Institute Accredited Tier IV Data Centre Design. DCS report... Read more

June/July 2010 | Storage Networking

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Servers Supplements

14 Oct 2011 | Storage Networking

HDS - Rise of the information center

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04 - The rise of the information center
06 - Steady Progress: Why a considered approach is best when it comes to the cloud
08 - Virtualisation - Riding the next wave
12 - Llyods Banking Group transforms its data centre with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

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