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Application software, or an application, is computer software designed to perform single or multiple, related specific tasks for the user. This is in contrast to system software and middleware, which manages the computer itself. In the data centre environment, applications range from virtualisation software, through hardware and environment monitoring and analysis, to storage and security software.

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19 Dec 2014 | Applications

19 Dec 2014 | Applications

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17 Dec 2014 | Applications

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8 May 2012 | Applications

Dell Energy Smart Rack

The Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart containment rack enclosure is designed to provide even distribution of airflow to all equipment installed in the rack. The Energy Smart rack can be used in data centers that utilize a raised floor to deliver air to reduce capital and operating costs and improve cooling effectiveness and efficiency.

30 Apr 2012 | Applications

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Dell's HPC technology enables VBI to predict

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4 Dec 2014 | Applications

3 Nov 2014 | Applications

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22 Sep 2014 | Applications

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Applications Magazine Articles

June/July 2010 | Design & Facilities Management

  • Arriving At Tier IV

    How customer requirements played a major role in the specification of Europe’s first Uptime Institute Accredited Tier IV Data Centre Design. DCS report... Read more

June/July 2010 | Storage Networking

June/July 2010 | The Cloud

  • Adapt or die

    Magirus has become Cisco’s first specialty data centre distributor in Europe. DCS talks to Christian Magirus, executive vice-president & COO, Magir... Read more

May/June 2010 | Hosting & Colocation

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