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Actian appoints Senior Vice President to lead company’s Cloud Platform

Actian Corporation says that Mark Milani has joined as Senior Vice President of the company’s Cloud Platform. Milani’s experience will help lead the company in developing automated action for businesses and enterprises as they continue to extract real time value through Big Data. This announcement follows the recent hire of Actian’s new CTO, Ahmed Ezzat.


Date: 15 Jun 2012

Mark Milani joins Actian with over 20 years of engineering experience, having most recently served as Senior Vice President of Services Engineering at Oracle where he led the technology direction for Oracle’s Cloud Services products and provided engineering support to Oracle Global Customer Support and Advanced Customer Services. Mark also served as the Vice President of Platform Technologies at Oracle where he was instrumental in leading the development of Oracle’s database, middleware, and application software for 18 operating systems and hardware platforms. Prior to Oracle, Mark held a variety of management positions for OS/390 and Gateway Development, Cross Access Corporation, Aion Corporation and IBM.

“Big Data continues to get more complex and requires more expertise to transact and analyze when to take a business action. Actian’s unique approach brings application development and powerful data management capabilities directly to business users,” said Mark Milani. “Actian has created a business language for specifying and detecting real time critical events in data and taking action on them.”

“As Actian builds on its leadership in real time data management and continues to deliver tangible business value by taking action on important data events, Mark’s expertise will help create new capabilities on our next generation cloud platform and unlock the benefits of Big Data, estimated to amount to more than $2 trillion each year by the year 2015,” said Steve Shine, chief executive officer at Actian Corporation. “These benefits will only come through by implementing a different approach to optimising how businesses extract the value and by putting the capability in the hands of the users. We are building out Actian’s technology leadership with the industry’s best talent and we are very excited by the endless opportunities.”

Businesses and enterprises are constantly seeking affordable innovation to drive greater business value. With the continued demand for this new class of innovative technologies, Actian announced the latest update of the record-breaking performance database, Vectorwise 2.5, delivering better manageability and faster performance to tackle Big Data. In addition, the Ingres 10S database recently added geospatial support to enable the easy migration of spatial data into corporate databases.


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