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  • Providing the very best healthcare requires the very best network

    The power of modern mobile devices to impact the efficiency and level of service in healthcare is well understood, but networks need to adapt to see the full benefits and to bring these devices under the IT department's control. Johan Ragmo, Business Development Director, Central North & Eastern Europe at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise explains how Unified Access can securely provide support for the mobility and connectivity needed in a modern healthcare environment. Read more

13 Oct 2014 | Other

  • Why carry out link testing with Encircled Flux?

    Today's ever-higher speed requirements require new fiber and connector types - but this also brings new challenges, such as the seemingly random occurrence of modal noise. How can testing with Encircled Flux help track this down? Why is it preferable over other methods? And what must you take into account when carrying out this type of testing? Daniel Eigenmann, Reichle & De Massari, shares his insights. Read more

6 Oct 2014 | Power & Cooling

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29 Sep 2014 | Applications

22 Sep 2014 | Applications

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8 Sep 2014 | Other

  • Structured cabling in combination with bandwidth

    Today's data centre world is mobile and fast moving. Migrations are occurring more frequently and technology is evolving faster than ever. Unless proper planning is done and extensive efforts at future proofing made, the modern data centre is in danger of being out of date the second the ribbon is cut. The challenge for data engineers is to future proof whilst still ensuring affordability and efficiency. By Willy Rietveld, TE Connectivity. Read more

1 Sep 2014 | Applications

25 Aug 2014 | Power & Cooling

  • Data centre consolidation and what it can offer you

    The world of technology continues to change at a blistering pace, and that's why data centres need to brace themselves for the new innovations we're likely to see in the years ahead. One recent trend which is worth noting in this regard is that of data centre consolidation. In a nutshell, what this refers to is the tendency for data centres to utilise more efficient technologies so that they can concentrate their resources more effectively. It should go without saying that the potential for savings is significant here. Data centre consolidation can mean not just the replacement of obsolete storage technologies with more up-to-date ones, but it can also result in the merging of facilities. Read more

18 Aug 2014 | Power & Cooling

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7 Jul 2014 | Hosting & Colocation

30 Jun 2014 | Power & Cooling

24 Jun 2014 | Power & Cooling

  • EMCOR Group (UK) awarded five-year integrated facilities management contract

    EMCOR UK is delighted to announce that, as previously reported during EMCOR Group, Inc.'s April, First Quarter 2014 Earnings Call, it has been awarded an integrated facilities management contract with Three, the mobile network provider. The five-year contract includes Three's corporate offices in Maidenhead, Glasgow and Reading, and eight data centre sites located across the UK. Read more

23 Jun 2014 | Power & Cooling

23 Jun 2014 | Other

  • ETTE brings storage space and security to customers

    Founded in 2002, ETTE (Empowerment Through Technology and Education) is a minority- owned business providing IT technical support and consulting services to businesses throughout the Washington, DC area. During the last decade, ETTE has grown into a leading IT solutions provider. Read more

16 Jun 2014 | Other

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