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2 Mar 2015 | Other

2 Mar 2015 | Power & Cooling

23 Feb 2015 | Applications

  • The end of siloed working

    Why the database administrator must integrate with the wider IT team. By Gerardo Dada, vice president of product marketing and strategy, SolarWinds. Read more

16 Feb 2015 | Hosting & Colocation

9 Feb 2015 | Power & Cooling

  • Data Centre Directions: Insights for the year ahead

    The past few years, we have witnessed some monumental changes in data centre design, management, and modernization efforts. As we peer into the months ahead from the top of 2015, we can expect growth—in both scale and capability—to intensify. The proliferation of cloud, Internet of Things, and mobile device use will continue to surge against current boundaries, compelling expansion and optimization efforts around the world. I predict the coming months will bring a new era of refinement to the data centre. Intense focus on higher level concerns about deep efficiencies, analytical sophistication, environmental sustainability, and managing complexity will bring a will drive a critically needed maturation to the industry. By Dave Wagner, Director of Marker Development at TeamQuest. Read more

9 Feb 2015 | Other

  • Industry-veteran Sam Greenblatt joins Nexenta

    Sam Greenblatt, recent General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of the Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell, has joined Nexenta's advisory board as Chief Technologist in Residence, acting as Chief Advisor and Technology Evangelist. Read more

2 Feb 2015 | Other

  • Enhancing sustainability with DCIM

     The more servers, switches, cooling and power devices you have the harder it becomes to monitor energy consumption - ensuring you're always up to date by introducing a DCIM solution can bring worthwhile sustainability benefits. By Dr. Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre R&M. Read more

26 Jan 2015 | Power & Cooling

19 Jan 2015 | Power & Cooling

12 Jan 2015 | Power & Cooling

5 Jan 2015 | Power & Cooling

5 Jan 2015 | Hosting & Colocation

22 Dec 2014 | Power & Cooling

15 Dec 2014 | Other

  • Understanding the next generation of Wi-Fi

    IT administrators agree that there are many advantages to the new 802.11ac wireless standard, including unprecedented levels of bandwidth for a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. But to exploit this fully, it requires planning and understanding of the technology. When migrating from 802.11a/b/g or 802.11n to 802.11ac, a company's existing IT infrastructure must be put under the microscope. Mark Howell, Country Manager UK & Ireland , Meru Networks discusses to benefits and challenges. Read more

8 Dec 2014 | Power & Cooling

7 Dec 2014 | Other

4 Dec 2014 | Applications

  • CIOS struggling with online performance

    Half of UK companies have a prominent online presence in international markets, yet only 36% say their Internet performance is consistently reliable, according to a new survey commissioned by Dyn, the cloud-based Internet performance company. As CIOs face increasing pressure to deliver fast reliable online services regardless of location, the statistics expose significant gaps between what customers and employees expect and what is delivered. Read more

26 Nov 2014 | Other

24 Nov 2014 | Power & Cooling

17 Nov 2014 | Power & Cooling

10 Nov 2014 | Other

3 Nov 2014 | Applications

27 Oct 2014 | Other

20 Oct 2014 | Other

  • Providing the very best healthcare requires the very best network

    The power of modern mobile devices to impact the efficiency and level of service in healthcare is well understood, but networks need to adapt to see the full benefits and to bring these devices under the IT department's control. Johan Ragmo, Business Development Director, Central North & Eastern Europe at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise explains how Unified Access can securely provide support for the mobility and connectivity needed in a modern healthcare environment. Read more

13 Oct 2014 | Other

  • Why carry out link testing with Encircled Flux?

    Today's ever-higher speed requirements require new fiber and connector types - but this also brings new challenges, such as the seemingly random occurrence of modal noise. How can testing with Encircled Flux help track this down? Why is it preferable over other methods? And what must you take into account when carrying out this type of testing? Daniel Eigenmann, Reichle & De Massari, shares his insights. Read more

6 Oct 2014 | Power & Cooling

2 Oct 2014 | Other

29 Sep 2014 | Applications

22 Sep 2014 | Applications

15 Sep 2014 | Applications

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